Mission 66 – a journey through the Bible


God’s word touches hearts and changes lives in Latin America with a radio programm. The new Bible study series Mission 66 helps listeners to better understand the Word of God. Today, we invite you to support this project with your donation.

In 2023, we recorded a sharp increase in Spanish-speaking users for ERF Bibleserver! Overall, access to Spanish Bibles accounts for 14%, compared to 2% two years ago. These are impressive figures, backed up by people with their own personal stories. I would like to share one such life story with you today: That of Carlos, who hears about God through a radio programme and entrusts his life to Him:

In the 1990s, Carlos and his 40 bodyguards grew cocaine for Pablo Escobar’s notorious drug cartel. One day, Carlos set off alone into the jungle to explore areas for new plantations. On the way, he accidentally cut his leg with his machete. As he lay bleeding in the woods, he discovered a radio in his bag. To pass the time until his men found him, he turned it on and accidentally came across the station of our international media partner Trans World Radio (TWR).

Carlos had the feeling that the pastor speaking on the radio was sitting next to him, explaining the Bible to him personally. Fascinated, he accepted the announcer’s invitation and said a prayer to entrust his life to Jesus. Carlos recalls: “It was incredible. Jesus found me and used TWR to do so. I burned my plantations, moved to another city, and became a youth pastor. That’s where I met my wife and we moved to Bogotá.” In the meantime, Carlos has founded 25 churches and is involved in working with street children.

Carlo’s Repentance Bears Lasting Fruit

The fruits of faith are also evident in his family. Carlos’ 25-year-old daughter, Kimberly, is now one of the Spanish voices in TWR’s new Mission 66 Bible study series. The series systematically takes us through all 66 books of the Bible. It helps listeners to better understand the Word of God. Each episode ends with practical applications for life. With 613 episodes of 30 minutes each (396 Old Testament and 217 New Testament), Mission 66 is a comprehensive resource for believers and seekers.

The program series also helps pastors to deepen their knowledge of the Bible. In this way, they can pass on the message of God’s love more effectively, just as a pastor once did for Carlos.

Mission 66 has been broadcast in Latin America since October 2023 and has already touched many hearts. “The way the content is presented is not just reading the Bible,” says Maralina Alfonso, TWR’s Marketing & Communications Manager for the region. “There is a dialogue and there are questions, and I think often we learn more from questions than from answers.”

A young man from Colombia writes: “Through this deep Bible study, I have come to understand that God performs miracles.” Another listener writes that he uses a WhatsApp group to share the program and motivate his business partners to ask about God.

Radiating God’s Word into the hearts of Latin America

This makes Mission 66 a great addition to ERF Bibleserver, which is also very popular in Latin America. ERF – the organization behind ERF Bibleserver – has been partnering with TWR for 65 years. With your donation for Mission 66, you enable TWR Latin America to change lives and leave lasting fruit.


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